Graduate School of Science and Engineering
(from April 2021)

Engineering education for a new epoch
The Graduate School of Science and Engineering reorganized in April 2021.

The Master's program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering reorganized, changing the seven major fields into four major fields from April 2021 to address faculty reorganization from FY 2017.
We fostered capable people who can provide innovation conducive to the sustainable development of society and industry with a new-epoch of engineering education through cooperation among science, engineering and medicine.

Curriculum features

  • We will foster a variety of human skills to play an important role in creating a sustainable society in the future rather than simply focusing on fundamental education subjects.
  • We will cultivate a comprehensive desire for knowledge through basic specialized subjects that merge the fields of humanities and science in a horizontal manner, moving beyond the scope of specialized fields.
  • We will provide our students with the opportunity to acquire capabilities to solve diversified and complicated problems through systematically organized advanced specialized studies to learn grounding abilities that are fundamental to become an advanced professional with deep expertise and skill.
  • We will promote development of human resources knowledgeable about ICT in particular by enabling students to study subjects outside their specialized field (Major/Minor System)