Introduction of our Faculty

The leading authorities in multiple fields are researching and developing advanced technologies in the Faculty of Engineering, continuing with the frontier spirit of industrialization where the core technology of organic materials originating from Japan’s first artificial fiber development started.
The Faculty of Engineering, following our tradition while adapting to meet the challenges of the future, is helping students acquire a foundation of rudimentary knowledge and fostering their adaptability and practical skills to address the problems in our modern society in order to develop highly skilled personnel and specialists.

Courses (From 2017)

Introduction of Graduate Schools

Very high skills and knowledge are required to be successful at the forefront in this age of technological innovation, informatization and internationalization. For students who seek higher expert knowledge in addition to what they can learn in undergraduate courses, two graduate courses are held to enhance their skills and expert knowledge.Both the Graduate School of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Organic Device Engineering have contributed to our society with their results, have been highly evaluated, and are additionally also working on educational research to respond to the needs of our advancing society.

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Master’s Programs

Doctoral Program

Graduate School of Organic Materials Science

PR Movie for International Students

Advanced Research Base

  • Yamagata University Research Center for Organic Electronics
  • Yamagata University Innovation Center for Organic Electronics
  • Yamagata University Frontier Center for Organic Materials System
  • Yamagata University Research Center for Green Materials and Advanced Processing
  • Frontier Organic System Innovation Base