Department of
Advanced Engineering

The Department of Advanced Engineering will become part of the Doctoral Program in April of 2023!

In April of 2023 (Reiwa 5), the Department of Advanced Engineering will become part of the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.


In recent years, as social problems are becoming more complicated and diverse on a global scale, it's becoming more and more difficult to solve these problems with technologies based on a single academic discipline. We are examining developing epoch-making technologies after structuring a new paradigm while developing conventional scientific knowledge and enhancing the technological level based on this knowledge, integrating different fields, although they are considered to belong to totally different realms, as advanced engineering. We are now establishing the Department of Advanced Engineering by newly uniting architecture and design with five programs that provide engineering education at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Management of Technology and Interactive Symbiosphere Sciences.
This program is intended to educate doctorate degree holders who have expertise as their base to innovate, integrate research results and focus on creation and co-creativity to promote research and projects involving researchers and technicians all over the world, and who can also take advanced engineering approaches that innovate by overcoming the barriers between sectors and merging advanced scientific knowledge.

Special features of educational program

Learn in-depth knowledge covering a broad range of engineering

The fields of study covered by this program are chemistry, bioengineering, informatics, electronics, mechanics, architecture and management, enabling students to learn deeply by having multiple perspectives on a specific research sector and also acquire specialties and integratability.

Team teaching by teaching group and mentors from enterprises

While the teaching group consisting of multiple teachers (one main teacher and two or more assistant teachers) instructs doctoral students, mentors who are scientists or technicians in the industrial world advise students on their research and career paths and one or more teachers with different expertise from the student’s field of study will participate in the teaching group to promote and improve student integratability.

Career path support

We support students in building their careers after earning their degrees by providing opportunities for internships at enterprises, relevant employment and postdoctoral positions.

Study support

Doctoral human resource development program for soft matter innovation

Doctoral human resource development program for soft matter innovation
Yamagata University was selected for the “University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology” adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and started this program in 2021 to support students in the Doctoral Program who will lead innovation in science and technology for the next generation. Ten students in the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Organic Materials Science and Graduate School of Medical Science can be selected to receive financial support (1,800,000 yen for research support funding and 700,000 yen for research expenses) and support to build their careers.
All students in the program will have their tuition waived in 2022 thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Continuation of the tuition waiver will be determined every year.)

Tuition waivers, scholarship, research and assistant system

For students who are in good academic standing and in good health, but have difficulties in continuing their studies due to financial reasons, tuition waivers and scholarships are available.
Since Research Assistant (RA) positions are available for students in the Doctor’s Program, students in the program can receive half of the tuition fee (130,000 yen) semiannually as support by assisting with their teachers’ research projects.

Support for working adult students

① Early completion system
Working adult students who already have experience can complete the Doctoral Program in one year at the earliest and earn their doctoral degree. Working adult students can receive instruction on researching and writing treatises from teachers based on their accumulated research, complete the doctoral dissertation and earn the doctoral degree.

② Long-term registration
Working adult students are allowed to take up to six years (twice as long as the standard term of study) to complete the curriculum. The tuition fee shall be paid after dividing the fee for the standard term of study (three years) by the long-term study period.